Selected Documentary

"Social Change Against Climate Change" (2019)

A profile by Victoria Middleton.

While visitors from around the world explore the National Mall in Washington, D.C., Citizens' Climate Lobby volunteer Julia Selker can be found canvassing for climate action.


The 26-year-old moved to D.C. in hopes of putting her background in science to use as an advocate for sustainable changes to energy policy.

"A Beginner's Guide to Sustainable Fashion" (2019)

A documentary by Victoria Middleton and Anh Duc Nguyen. Selected as a Planet Forward Storyfest 2019 Video Finalist.

Have you ever considered the threads that keep you warm may be contributing to the warming of the planet?


Clothing production has steadily increased for the last 2 decades due to fast fashion. And yet, nearly 60% of the clothing produced is disposed of within a year. Come along with Victoria Middleton to explore various options for dressing sustainably in D.C., including stops at Reformation, the DC Sustainable Fashion Collective, and Georgia Avenue Thrift Store.

"Noise Complaints" (2018)

A documentary by Victoria Middleton and Dylan Trupiano.

Above the Bayou, a full-time student apartment, part-time house venue, rests just feet above a Pennsylvania Ave Papa John's. For the touring bands that come through and the community that frequents, Above the Bayou is a D.C. home for the broader culture of DIY or "do it yourself" music.